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Euro-Rite PoCo FC

The PoCo FC re brand will bring commitment and competitive vigor into the team. This re brand will give the entire brand a face lift that will better symbolize these values and infuse them into the core of the team’s visual identity Drawing on Port Coquitlam’s views on being committed to the future through development while also respecting the city’s natural roots fits perfectly with the values of PoCo FC. Inspired by this nature and man made are fused in every design, while colour further unites the two. The wave blue of the rivers and mountains plays off of the vintage cloth colour that represents the city’s innovative roots as a rail hub and the industry that permeates through it. Finally sky blue was chosen as a complimenting colour as both the city and the team strive to reach for blue skies ahead.

Nuba in Gastown

Nuba in Gastown is a staple restaurant in the Gastown neighborhood. As well as food, Gastown has developed it`s own style best seen in use by competitor Meat and Bread. This new branding direction emulates this distinct style of hard blacks and whites as well as a strong influence of geometry and silhouettes. The new branding will help Nuba in Gastown feel more connected to Gastown and it`s own developing sense of identity.

Nike Air Max 270 Print Ad

Nike has managed over the years to create enormous hype around many of their sneakers. This ad campaign uses contemporary urban style to help target the younger and trend, conscious consumer.