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Regrowth Office

This is an Office project for InMood Furniture Company with a concept of regrowth and regeneration. With the location being in the heart of Downtown Vancouver the idea was to embody the beauty of the West Coast and bring this inside the working space. Conveying as though you are on a stroll through the forest full of regenerated life, nature and vegetation. Utilizing natural materials and lighting, thoughtful conceptualization, space planning and programming. Allocating area for collaboration work and careful placement of the many departments. The Company is full of creative professionals keeping productivity and creativity in mind to produce a functional and stimulating workspace environment.

Systems sommarhus

This sustainable passive home is situated in a small coastal fishing town southwest of Sweden called Mölle. A tiny home with a large impact. Self reliant and thrives off of the ecosystem. The summer house reduces our carbon footprint and is in unison with nature. Modern and simple but keeping an ode to the traditional Swedish architecture. Encapsulating earth's beauty and utilizing what it has to offer resourcefully. Emphasizing line and texture through careful design considerations. South facing floor to ceiling glass walls for a seamless transition with the outdoors.

Bisou Bistro

This is a commercial concept project for a French Bistro on Davie street in Vancouver. A very picturesque scene, as though you have escaped to Paris. When you walk through the doors you will get a sense of community and inclusion. Inviting you into a diverse setting for all to enjoy, whether meeting a colleague for a coffee or celebrating an anniversary. This bistro conceptualizes and embodies the mood of a carousel ride. A pastel colour palette, unity between the wainscotting and form of the furniture and fixtures. Movement throughout the space is social yet has an intimate ambience. Bisou - French for friendly kiss, personifying the character of the space. Consisting of composure and a feminine allure. The enveloping shapes in the bistro convey a sense of youth and bring out your inner child.