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The design concept for the Terrarium office project was to evoke the feeling of walking into a forest. To achieve this, the space uses plants, garden areas and foliage to create a green space. The space uses the Biophilic Design ideology and standards to bring nature into the work space.


The ECO house concept was to create a modular environment that can have multiple arrangements and shapes. Inspiration for this idea came from play the game Jenga. Instead of using wooden blocks, the space utilizes shipping containers to create modular areas. The house was designed to be ECO and environmentally friendly using recycled and efficient materials. The design uses both LEED and WELL systems and standards.


The interior design of this Louis Vuitton store is representing the glamour and luxury of Paris in the 1920s Inspired by the bright and playful style of Art Deco Combine the modern materials gold with Exotic materials ebony wood represent modernist and diversity. Use of light and shadow will open the door to mystery and Imagination representing the youth and adventurous spirit of the brand itself.


The concept behind the stone spa was to transport the patrons to a simpler time, by minimizing technological elements. Entering the space, removes all technology and replaces it with nature stone, wood and greenery. Inhabitants become isolated and relaxed to cure the mind and walk out as a new person.


The concept behind the bar was to create a space where people can chill and relax with food and drinks after suntan in the beach. Followed by organic shapes, the space of plate and cup just like a Mint leaf gently floating between the water and the land. It brings fresh and good scent to people.