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Sleeping Cats - Branding

Sleeping Cats is a Cafe that I made up for my illustrator projects few semesters back and I always though that this was one of my best works and I decided to use it for my portfolio because it showcases a couple of important topics like branding, advertising and logo making. I redesigned the initial design to fit my skills and a mini rebranding of a personal project of mine. I revamped a little bit of the logo and added some mockups to further dive down into creating it into an actual business project.

K&B Noodle House - Rebranding and Advertising

K&B Noodle House is located near Downtown Calgary and I decided to use this restaurant for my Rebranding project for Ad Design because I thought it needed some updating and although the place is promising, it just needs a little bit of pop. This was the most challenging project but at the same time it was the most fun because while making this project I learned new things and new techniques. I explored advertising by creating posters for billboards, social medias and for printed ads as well. Explored color palettes and how to incorporate the same 3 main colors (red, orange and yellow) without looking like it's out of context. It turned out really well and with that being said, I was able to squeeze in some mockups for a Website and an App.

Product Photography

Here are some product shots that I've taken few semesters back and they're some of my best work that I've done. I also take in consideration that most of my shots can be used as product ad.


Here are some of my works using Adobe Illustrator. I really enjoy using Illustrator for my project because I am able to create endless designs and I'm mostly satisfied of the outcomes of the personal project that I do. While using Illustrator, I also explore different ways and shortcuts to make my work easier and faster. Most of my projects are made in Illustrator.

WUD - Brand Identity Guide

This was my first time making a Brand Identity Guide and this open up a whole new world for me, learning from start to end of creative a brand. This applies the same skills needed to making a brand. Same set of skills like my two other project on my portfolio. Exploring color palettes and creating a logo along with its necessary components into creating a brand.

Ad Design and Poster Illustrations

While working on my projects, I always create some sort of poster or magazine ads along with my projects. I tend to choose colorful palettes for my design because they tend to have more of an impact and have this vibrant impact on me whenever I look at them. I also use typography along with my illustrative projects.