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A World Of Menagerie

A World Of Menagerie is a science fiction fantasy setting designed for use with Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. Customers purchasing this hardcover want to stray away from traditional for a more scientific setting. An overarching theme are the angels as displayed on this book’s front cover. Eden Star, sun and moon are illustrated on back cover symbolizing primary orbiting celestial bodies peoples of this setting know familiarly. Its art style utilizes a synthesization of vector illustration and digital painting creating organic order. Two great hurdles of this project were creating a beautiful, consistent and conducive art style setting itself apart from modern DND but staying familiar. The second hurdle of this project has been articulately maintaining fair use copyright under instruction of the 5e OGL license.

XDT Remastered Album

This EDM album— is thematically and compositionally developed by Leontin Nimmo under alias of Rendtime. It depicts an abrupt fictional dystopian future of a setting where an organization called the Xeno Defense Team deals with extraterrestial threats to earth. Aggressive electronic dance music with influences of electro, dubstep, and drum and bass encapsulates listeners progressing through the LP. Neon red, blue, and green symbolizes characters and creatures’ affiliations, and presence throughout the story: Red connects to the fast paced survival of civilians against the growing swarm of alien insects; blue connects to team XDT as they take initiative against these dark extraterrestials from a meterite; and, green connects to the encroaching assimilating hive as the Apocalypse comes near end of the album, and a glimmer of hope as the Resistance forms. Advertisements shown are directed at EDM listeners ages 17-30 who love heavy­— aggressive bass music.

Krazy Bob's Rebranding Project

This is student work for a conceptual rebrand of a local vintage store in Langley, BC that primarily sells vinyl discs. A main goal behind this recreation of Krazy Bob's Music Emporium is to strengthen its online presence and contrast the store from neighbouring local businesses.

Poly-48 Font

A typeface hybridizing old and new, geometric and serif, and hexagons and octogons. Poly-48 is all these things combined to compose a stylisticaly pleasing display typeface. Bits and pieces of hexagons and/or octogons have been used to construct every character in this family. This display font family is slated to release once multiple weights have been crafted for use.

Technica Botanica EP

An animated video loop created for Rendtime’s self titled track and upcoming EP— Technica Botanica. This motion graphic is based around transhumanism, reflecting the synthesized organic instruments used in the track with visuals of synthetic plants. A digital angel— amalgamating eagle wings, astronaut suit body, and camera lens head, is seen surveying its lush electronic gardens. Technica Botanica EP is planned to release— digital sale online for listeners of heavy melodic EDM; branding is aimed particularly at teen to young adult gamers who play fast paced games. Group Credits: Motion graphics and animation by Leontin Nimmo. Illustration help by Quinton Groves.