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Lauren Nadalutti for Adidas Digital Operations Creative

Adidas as a brand can be essentially summarized with a single term; legacy. For a conceptual Digital cross-project Operations Creative, I have designed this entire digital composition. The point of view in which I have designed this initial digital graphic to project, is the message of an isolated persistence through adversities. The aspirations I hold for Adidas as a multi-level company, is the idea that Adolf Dassier was able to build his own legacy, on his own terms during the always continuing difficult times. Created By: Lauren Nadalutti 2021 All Rights Reserved.

Lauren Nadalutti | Graphic Designer | Resume 2021

This winter-spring 2021 resume design was influenced by the opportunity to apply for the Adidas Digital Operations Internship. Conceptual ideas from the Adidas brand, including current colour/color schemes, geometric layout, and overall simplistic perspective to craft this particular resume design. This is only one resume design for one particular job application. I will be crafting further resume designs with expanding experience and tailored aesthetics. Lauren Nadalutti All Rights Reserved.

Athens School of Drag

Conceptualized mash-up of historical and current figures. This digital composition features Rupaul and the iconic Dragrace Queens X Rapheal's (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino) "School of Athens" Created By Lauren Nadalutti - All Rights Reserved

Absolut Class

Photoshop project with a conceptual background of combining two separate elements with a similar objective to create an advertisement for ASOBLUT Vodka. Concepts combined: ABSOLUT Bottle (iconic packaging) + Tuxedo (iconic garment) Advertisement combined Objective (message): ABSOLUT Vodka is Absolute Class. LN All Rights Reserved.

Svedka Bean Russian Vodka

A conceptual combination of a caffeinated vodka, both flavoured and infused with caffeine. I have developed the brand swatches, logo mark, logo type, and packaging. I have presented an illustrated base layout to represent the stage of production offer. The essential elements of this project can be expanded to a realistic rendered format to produce a final product and brand concept.

Oliver Tree Concert Poster

Oliver Tree illustrative poster designed fully in Adobe illustrator. Lauren Nadalutti All Rights Reserved.