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IPCC Annual Report 2020

This is an annual report on climate change provided by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The design has simple graphics that help the reads understand the information easily. This report is intended for college students in Vancouver. The objective is for learners to understand the impact of climate change and serve these as their guidelines in their future undertakings.

Goldwood Industries

For 50 years, Goldwood has been operating as a supply chain in the construction businesses around British Columbia and its nearby provinces. Now, they are entering new market offerings in a new product section. Goldwood is expanding as a retailer of moderately priced contemporary and modern home wood furniture and accessories. From forest to your home, that is the concept of the brand. The logo was inspired by a timber joint frame that resembles wooden puzzle bricks. The idea resonates answer to a problem. Which is the mission of Goldwood—To promote wellness living and provide household solutions. For every household in Richmond BC., particularly the parents who love to improve the look of their home. Goldwood is a home store that now offers a large variety of wood merchandise at great prices.

Revamp Energy Drink

Revamp is an energy drink that boosts the body to do more. The design is geometrical with force to show aggressiveness, movement, speed, and power. The shape mirrors the progression and success. Revamp energy drink has two flavours. Sugar-free and Zero Carbs perfect for those who work out and doing calorie deficit. For all physically active individuals who like to push their limits.