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Caran d'Ache

The conceptual focus for the Caran d’Ache was to create a communal space for people to explore art together. Customers can try products and exchange ideas within multiple workshop spaces each focusing on a specific product showcasing different artistic mediums. Using key colors and textures creates a warm, fun place where people can feel inspired.

Rental House

Since the rental house is located in Vancouver, the trials that we can find around this city were taken as inspiration. The colors and textures inspired by the vegetation, the rocks and the train tracks that we can find along the walk, will bring the freshness of nature to the interior of the house. The style will be traditional and simple, giving customers the feeling of being at home. The main challenge of small spaces is the lack of storage space. The solution for this was the optimization of the spaces. In addition to conventional cabinets. Other creative ideas were designed to give more storage space.