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OneLess. Mainly a life styles clohing brand, Accomidating to everyone, not just the wealthy but everyone and anyone who stands by what they believe in. OneLess is a world wide brand that everyone can understand the meaning without talking about it but just by having the same logo on your clothing can bring people together and create timeless bonds.


Uptown Cannabis & Extracts A clients new cannabis store that needed a full logo design, advertising, packaging, and marketing. Always keep your quality UP with Uptown. Specializing in all Cannabis and CBD products, made from Uptown themselves. Packaging was the main focus for my client as they wanted to make it simple and easy to identify each strain and product type. The package will be white with purple for THC, and blue for CBD.

Elemental Fitness

Elemental Fitness Personal Trainer, Unlock Your Elements. A client project including conceptualization, branding and identity strategies to promote a healthy lifestyle and fitness journey. Providing a ranking system to highlight clients progression, achievements, and goals they have set for their personal elemental fitness journey.