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Birth Stone/Birth Flower Calendar

When you look at a new month you want to be excited for what’s to come. Our mind likes brain food. Birth Stones and Flowers speak to our lives and our time on earth.

Restraint Magazine

Bondage and Shibari is the art of tieing people up in displays, time spent learning about safety for your partner translates into a beautiful display of pleasure. The Restraint Magazine contained articles that explained these displays designed to engage the reader in learning more about this sexy topic.

Porn4Grim Identity System

Porn4Grim is a freelance art company that specializes in NSFW content.   This project has a unique style to it, bold lines and glowing give this content an adult look. While still appealing to its audience of anime lovers Porn4Grim’s Brand is kinky in a cute way.

Digbee's Diner

Located in Fort Macleod AB, Digbee’s Diner is a Breakfast restaurant with home-style cooking. This project took the client’s Grandmothers art and breathed new life into the paintings. while the logo was inspired by the owners who also have a creative side. The elements brought together to give this project a homier feel and clean look.