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Digbee's Diner

Located in Fort Macleod AB, Digbee’s Diner is a Breakfast restaurant with home-style cooking. This project took the client’s Grandmothers art and breathed new life into the paintings. while the logo was inspired by the owners who also have a creative side. The elements brought together to give this project a homier feel and clean look.

Birth Stone/Birth Flower Calendar

When you look at a new month you want to be excited for what’s to come. Our mind likes brain food. Birth Stones and Flowers speak to our lives and our time on earth.


I have been learning Adobe Photoshop for 3-4 years now so when I had to create something attention-grabbing for the class I started with the clone tool to carefully manipulate the pictures of the toddlers providing them fur and a puppy head. Puddlers were born to be traditionally a face-changing app for stressed-out parents. Instantly delivering these parents the opportunity to enjoy a laugh at the pleasant thought of having a puppy instead of an enthusiastic child.


Photos of images made through college