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Front & Company

Front & Co is a Vancouver based new and consigned boutique known for their unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, clothing, and small housewares or knick-knacks. They provide local and remote artisans a platform to display and sell their products. It is imperative to Front & Co to provide an alternative to the fast fashion industry while staying relevant and trendy.

Uber: A Rebrand

Uber is a way to get around that gives an alternative to public transit or taxi services. In the coming months, Uber is releasing a new fleet of automated vehicles; which goes against the original mission statement of the company. Originally the company wanted to provide an option for drivers to be self-employed as well as riders to have the option mentioned above.

Fullmoon Brewhouse

Fullmoon Brewhouse is a craft distillery offering the lower mainland beverages such as craft beer, stouts, scotch and other European brews. They specialize in using traditional practices to brew their products that were developed in the feudal period of Europe; processes developed by alewives and female brewsters. It is said that these alewives were later discriminated against as “witches” for the way their practice was perceived. Such as wearing long pointy hats to be seen over the crowd of local markets, placing brooms outside the doorway to signal they were open and a brew was finished, and drawing six-pointed stars on large cauldrons or barrels to symbolize that season's best ale.