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Smith Family Renovation

The goal for this project was to complete a renovation for a single-family townhouse located in north west Calgary. The project included the development of the basement, main floor, and second floor. This included the kitchen, living room, dining room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a principle bedroom with an ensuite. The client was a family of 5; James and Olivia Smith and their three children Ben, Max, and Phoebe. The family enjoys partaking in activities outside, including skiing, biking, and camping. They love socializing and hosting events for their friends and family, which made it important to be sure the space was welcoming and inviting for all. James and Olivia have raised their kids to “live with content”. This means the intent is focused on not creating harm to the environment, but instead preventing as much harm from occuring to the environment through your interactions with it. As a result, the Smith’s requested to be as sustainable as possible throughout the duration of the project. This included appropriate selections for furnishings, finishes, and being environmentally friendly as possible during construction.

Silver Fern Boutique Hotel

Located in the heart of legendary Queenstown, Silver Fern Boutique Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel overlooking the waters of Lake Wakatipu. Silver Fern offers more than just a luxurious escape to the ultimate holiday destination. Quintessentially boutique, there's an air of refined exclusivity here, while still being within seconds of the lively and exciting streets of Queenstown. With the mountains in the near distance, we committed to designing a space that provided a characteristic blend of professionalism and a “down to earth” approach. The landscape that surrounds Queenstown is nothing but incredible, and we wanted to accentuate and enhance this through the design, both exterior and interior. Silver Fern Boutique Hotel also features Queenstown Apothecary and Lifestyle is located on the main floor of the hotel. The store is a unique and organic space where you can find natural health and wellness products, essential oils, and zero waste products.

Evergreen Designs & Furnishings Co.

Evergreen Design and Furnishings Co. is a custom furniture design company, specializing in the development and manufacturing of mid-century modern products, located in the heart of downtown Calgary. ​ This head office has a dynamic team of individuals that work hard beyond the regular 9am-5pm work hours to make sure that each of their clients are well taken care of. We wanted to make sure the sapce was lively, comfortable, and welcoming for all users to interact and and bring the space to life. It was also important to design a space that reflected Evergreen Designs and Furnishings personal style, that being an urban industrial aesthetic. Material choices, such as exposed brick, were to exhibit the existing exterior of the building.

Graze by the Waves

Located in Vancouver, BC, Graze by the Waves is a small cafe based on the ideas of natural well-being, relaxation, and delicious grazing. It features a large yoga studio embracing the natural light that brightens the space. The large outdoor patio is intended to be open and inviting to guests. Inside, the space has several features, including a quiet study bar for those wanting to work at the cafe.