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Sunday is a small contemporary women’s fashion brand that focuses on providing quality and affordable fashion while reducing the brand's ecological footprint. By using sourced materials from Vancouver; Sunday lowers the greenhouse gas emissions used in garment manufacturing and limits shipping costs of exporting outside Canada. Sourcing local materials also helps Vancouver farmers, pattern makers and other small businesses.

Botanica Wine

Botanica is a wine brand from Victoria, B.C providing organic wine made from ingredients from local farms on Vancouver Island. The branding is inspired by the nature seen in Victoria, specifically Beacon Hill Park which is filled with flowers, plants and is a popular attraction when visiting Victoria.

Witchcraft Brewery

Witchcraft is a local craft brewery in Vancouver that specializes in witch-themed beer and provides a unique and fun experience when visiting the brewery.

Medium Magazine

Medium is an art and culture magazine based out of Vancouver. It features local artists, photographers, underground galleries and events happening in the city. Medium magazine believes that art and inspiration can come from literally anything. Medium wants to stop the stigma around what is considered "good" or "bad" artwork by showcasing all different kinds of work.

Brixton Flats

Re-brand for The London Building in downtown Vancouver. Brixton Flats is inspired by the neighbourhood in London known for its vibrant, multicultural area full of possibilities and a popular place to live for young professionals. Downtown Vancouver shares these similarities. The target audience is 25-38 young professionals, either single or married. During the week they are busy working and on weekends they enjoy relaxing, spending time with friends, their partners or experiencing the thriving nightlife of downtown Vancouver.