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Slate is a conceptual urban boutique and consignment store based in Vancouver, BC. Through aesthetic, beauty can be portrayed with natural simplicity. A slate is an item with infinite use. Slate’s main focus is to give its customers convenience by selling lightly worn garments and retail products. This motive contributes to the preservation of the planet earth.

Continental Café

Continental Café has been around since 1979. There are two locations in Vancouver. One is located along the famous main street, and the other along commercial drive. Continental Café offers a selection of various caffeinated beverages, specializing in espresso, teas, as well as classic baked goods. The company is known for its quality products, accompanied by immaculate customer service.

Zeal Publication

Zeal is a conceptual magazine offered to those who seek enlightenment in the realms of urban arts and well-being. The magazine symbolizes positivity and the discard of negativity. Zeal is a platform where anyone can showcase their creations in art, music, and fashion. The magazine can be seen in small boutiques and several local book stores in Vancouver, BC.