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Modular Home

The intention of this project is to create a familiar space for traveling individuals with consistency as well as creativity. Users can order these homes and place them in the backyard for renting. These aim to be a comfortable and versatile 'hotel-esque' experience for those who use them.

The Jitterbug

Commercial food and beverage project paying homage to the 1950's era. Incorporates elements of nostalgia and past time hobbies of the time, which include a dance floor as well as a drive-in movie dining experience.

inMOOD Office

This office design has the concept of: Spring. The intent of this concept is to create a space that sparks creativity and gives the feeling of a fresh environment. Focusing on elements such as: colour, lighting, acoustics and departmental spacing, the office will be a safe place for employees to create. This concept will act as a breath of fresh air to induce new life into the space both for the designers as well as the customer support team. Dividing the office to meet the needs of the differing departments is an important consideration and will be infused with the togetherness of a spring meadow, each aspect acting as its own different organism. The flow of the office is an essential aspect. Including ways to modify that will be an important element to the space, encouraging the perception of it being something that is ever blossoming. Creating a safe and inspiring environment is a top priority for this office.

Lululemon Concept Sotre

Concept for this retail design store is: Flowing River. Lululemon is known for their health and wealth lifestyle. With that in mind, drawing on the companies ideologies and community will be a main focus for the concept of the space. A flowing river will be the concept for this Lululemon. Keeping that in mind, we can draw elements from the river such as: flow, strength, grace, nature, and movement. All of these things Lululemon embodies in itself as a company.