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David's Tea

David's Tea is a client on this project wanting a new package design for their seasonal special set box. There are two different themes (Summer Splash/ Chill & Heal), and Each of the boxes will have a different design of illustration on its cover. Inside the box, there will be three cans of loose leaf tea. Inside the Tropical Splash, all tea flavors are fruit-based, Chill & Heal- more relaxing and aromatic tea.


Serene is a cosmetic brand mainly focused on skincare products aiming at young adults to mid-aged adults. As the meaning of the word itself, which is 'peaceful,' 'tranquil'.. the brand's goal is to help relax all stressed skin types. Its belief is always to produce fundamental yet skin-friendly products that will never irritate the skin. Not only the ability of the skin product, but the brand is also aesthetically pleasing.

a priori

A-priori is a 'cafe-based' special place but more than just a cafe where you drink coffee. It is a place where you can have a little more distinct experience. The brand's core concept is 'connection, communication, relaxation, deep, and diversity. The belief is to let people have some time to focus on studying and caring for themselves and have a positive experience through diverse connections with different people.


'fete' is the meaning of celebration in French. To design the packaging for the champagne bottle, illustrations of people having a good time at home. All four sides of the boxes are designed to be a building. People will appreciate the packaging, especially during the holidays.

Solar Time

Solar Time is a sunscreen for all ages. There is a safe & mild line for adults and kids line too. This project is mainly focused on the packaging design. It was specifically designed for a pop-up box, which will have to catch peoples' attention at a glance, so it was designed to be reminded of a swimming pool.