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Bavin Spirits

WHAT? Bavin Spirits is a conceptual, high–end, liqueur company. It fits perfectly into the emergent niche market of craft–style, modern beverages. WHO? The target market deals much more with psychographics, than demographics. Aiming for those who would rather pay more to enjoy the quality and sophistication of a luxury brand. Bavin Spirits is more than just a line of liqueurs it is an experience. Found in high end bars, liquor cabinets of mixologists, and mansions worldwide. WHY? Classic, Upscale and Decadent The inspiration for the logo came from Ionic Columns and golden mathematics, which lends a sense of underlying structure to the core depiction of the brand. The use of art deco aesthetics and metallic pantones exude an heir of luxury and opulence while providing the convincing shroud of a long storied history. Modern, but only because it is timeless.

Uncle Abes

WHAT? “Uncle Abe’s is basically the East Van equivalent of Cheers" A cool, down to earth, sitcom themed bar with unique drinks and an awesome vibe! WHO? These are people who are — too often — living in places that are too small, with too many roommates, working underpaid jobs. They grew up watching sitcoms and other television that promised them a simpler world, a kinder world. Cut to adulthood and this is not the world they exist in, but the fantasy is what remains and Uncle Abe’s is there. WHY? Nostalgic, Retro, Fun This one might have been the most fun for me, the colour palette came straight out of the 70's. The logo is simple but the halftone and extrusion keep it grounded in the era and pay homage to the original logo. The illustrations for the launching campaign were all inspired by retro futurism with a healthy dose of abstraction. The menu consists of 12 signature cocktails and 20 shots all based on ,mostly retro, sitcoms. "Grab a beer at Abe's after work?"


WHAT? Highball is a monthly print publication available for subscription based delivery. We celebrates the history of mixology and bartending while always keeping one eye focused on the future of the industry. WHO? Highball exists for those interested in the greater cultural movements in the world of mixology and bartending. Outside of people's coffee tables you will also find these small publications tucked in with local bars menus as reading material while you wait for your company to arrive. WHY? Bold, Underground, Typographic The dichotomy of the saturated pink, bold typography and "edgy" aesthetics make for a somewhat subversive yet thoroughly enjoyable peruse. The consist quality of photography, typography and articles ensure that no matter why you picked it up, you won't put it down before the last page. Stay Thirsty.


WHAT? This is a conceptual redesign of the 2019 Shambhala Music Festival, which is an annual electronic music festival, held in Southern B.C. and attended by 15 000 people a year. WHO? Shambhala's main target demographics definitely skew younger though it is a very inclusive crowd. The best description of the audience is the "modern hippy" as the festival is similar to a Rave–Woodstock. WHY? Iconic, Colourful, Inviting The one constant through Shambhala's history is its iconic owl logo, and as such I wanted an increased focus on it, thats where the eyes and overlapping lines come from. This redesign focused on colour, consistency and accessibility. Streamlining the necessary information while maintaining the excellent vibes the festival is known for.


WHAT? Tasty is a subsidiary of Buzzfeed that is itself a parent company to many diverse iterations of the Tasty brand. They focus on social media engagement and diverse recipes. WHO? Everyone (Well, they try). I know 9 out of 10 times that answer is a cop out. But, Tasty is a massive international monolith, With well over 200 million subscribers spanning 5 languages, Tasty reaches out a connecting hand to as many people as they can. WHY? Friendly, Modern, Inclusive Given the breadth of Tasty's audience it was important to not be alienating and to feel quite modern. Current typographical were taken into consideration when developing the logo and typographic touch points. The icon set has a nod to each of Tasty's child companies, with a specific focus on those that target other cultures, such as Tasty Einfach, for example.

Sun Peaks

WHAT? Sun Peaks is a ski and snowboard resort found just outside of Kamloops B.C. Nestled at the foot of 3 mountains the resort is an idyllic slice of all the beauty this great province has to offer — If you only look—. WHO? This was a challenge that all ski resorts have to contest with. There is such a diversity of interests between the youth (in their 20's) that go the hill, and the parents bringing their families on vacation. I had to reckon with creating designs that appealed to and did not alienate either equally important group. WHY? Friendly, Warm, Tactile This one may have the most interesting, and least traditional, point of origin. The first thing that I had made for it was a 15 second stop motion style YouTube ad. While, it was developed in tandem with the logo honestly. Speaking of the logo, my aim was to create something iconic and simple that steered away from alot of the cliches found quite often in this industry.

Fun Stuff AKA Personal Motion Graphic Work

Just a section to highlight my learning in motion graphics, if you want to read a fuller description see the first slide. The animations will be a combination of completely original work, works inspired by tutorials and lastly works that simply followed tutorials. This will be mentioned on each individual project in the description. For more, please check out my Instagram @RedJones.Design