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I created this logo to try and lighten the mood of an otherwise sucky situation. A few classmates as well as myself have been fortunate enough to graduate Covid Class of 2021! There are two different versions, the first icon a germ wearing a mask with a graduation cap. The second is a more classic college style logo.


D&R serves the most delicious mushroom fries and milkshakes, I always loved eating here as a kid! Unfortunately the drive in remains the same as it did when it first opened & could really benefit from a rebrand. This project included seven key deliverables which were, the branding guidelines, print ads, digital ads, outdoor ads, website design, app use and finally uniforms. A few key points I wanted to focus on with this project are the retro aesthetic and keeping the community a key point of their advertising.


I created this set of characters to be used in a series of children's books. Along side the books there would also be poster advertisements and collateral merchandise. Here you can meet Linus the Brontosaurus, Anthony "Tony" the T-Rex and Petri the...well I am not too sure what he is just yet.


Each of these paintings were created using different media types including collage, acrylic, pen & ink, sponges & traditional brushes to achieve the desired looks. Covid + De Stijl - Although the title "This too Shall Pass" provides a sense of hope that there is an end to this chaos you can clearly see how mentally and physically drained the girl is as she wears the covid virus as her mask. I Can't Breathe - I wanted to use a vibrant and wide colour scheme to contrast the heavy political subject portrayed. The purpose of this painting is to get people talking. In Life & Death - Disney is and always has been a huge inspiration in my life. Mickey Mouse is the character that helped Walt Disney's career take off and has become an icon of a franchise known across the globe. The irony shown here is that his career, and life, had been cut short from lung cancer.


The Unger family started this project to help get kids more involved in the farming and harvesting. Their five little ones get to help their parents and grandparents every step of the way, planting the seeds, harvesting and when its all ready they're the adorable faces behind the booth selling it. This family has been happily growing kids and corn since 2014. "We absolutely love our design from Jasmine! She took our ideas and really made it her own. We've used it for our instagram, t-shirts and travel mugs. Highly recommend her services!" - The Kids on the Cob parents


Figure photography was one of my absolute favourite things I learned during this program. The human body can create so many interesting shapes and textures in its raw form.


Using a mixture of effects and photo editing techniques to create designs from scratch or manipulate theme to achieve a different result.