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The Dunbar Theatre

The Dunbar Theatre is an 86 year old, independently owned, single screen cinema located in the west side of Vancouver, BC that offers a classic movie going experience. Known for their large comfy seating, and proclaimed “world’s best popcorn” it has remained open during the pandemic and is well positioned as the only theatre in its area. This re-brand intends to revitalize the Dunbar Theatre name in a post-covid world by increasing brand recognition through an advertising campaign that showcases new additions to the Dunbar’s offerings and unifies the brand identity. “For the love of film” These are people who love film. Plain and simple. People, who choose to go out to see movies in theaters because they want the experience. They love seeing movies how they were meant to be seen on a big screen, with amazing sound, comfy seating, fresh popcorn, and the communal excitement and inertia from each exhilarating moment that is shared with everyone else in the room. With careers and busy lives these folks are looking to spend their money on something they will remember and that they can talk about and share their experience with their family and friends. Bringing together the strengths of the Dunbar’s legacy in the community with its art deco roots and a healthy dose of pop culture references, the new Dunbar Theatre makes sure every movie is a memorable one. The colour palette is inspired by a night at the Oscars and Art Deco nostalgia permeates throughout the branding. Customized tickets and movie poster styled ads and a lot of humour makes sure that audiences want to come back for this theatre, not just the movie. New offerings through the campaign app that allow customers to order food to their seats with movie pun and quote lined themed menus, and collect movie themed rewards for completing challenges engages the audience and creates a community and a sense that this theatre is all about the love of the cinema.

The Local Wild

The Local Wild is a small-scale floral and plant studio in Edmonton, AB. A relatively new company with no prior branding or identity, they approached me to create a complete identity including branding, advertising campaign, package design, merchandise and UX/UI system for their first website. This company mainly appeals to 20-40 year old women who are interested in vintage style and are environmentally conscious shoppers. Self identified plant parents and thrifters, they are drawn to supporting locally made goods and businesses and appreciate handmade and one of a kind pieces. Focusing on the environmentally sustainable goals this company has, we created an identity that focuses on the handmade, foraging, and sustainable practices the shop uses in its vision. Using muted and dusty colours mixed with floral illustrations and a type face with hand crafted quality, we were able to create a brand that feels vintage but looks incredibly modern.


Deviant is an early stage gin based hard seltzer company. It is positioned among a very competitive and booming cooler and cider based industry in North America. Being brand new to this crowded market Deviant strives to stand out and set themselves apart from the pack. Deviant’s name comes from its standout nature. This isn’t your typical minimalist seltzer. Aiming to stand out on the shelf the illustrative and colourful nature, paired with bold and unique flavour combos, and the best quality gin, it targets the late Gen Z to early Millennial who are more attracted to uniqueness, style, and edgy nature than their older counterparts drinks. These are window shoppers and adventure seekers who gravitate towards the exciting, the unknown , and jump at things that catch their eye. By utilizing different illustrations for each flavour, limited colour palettes, and a focus on lines and contrast, this brand creates a lasting impression and a limited edition collector feel to each product offering. This gives it a life beyond the shelf as an art piece that can be brought into other mediums.

Coastal Photography Magazine

Coastal is a conceptual monthly magazine that focuses on spotlighting artists, travelers, photographers, and storytellers, with its main focus on featuring Canadian creators. The magazine is a celebration of worldly introspection and visual storytelling. Created for 25-35 yr olds who are interested in travel, photography, culture, and art. Many are artists themselves or in a creative field or are explorers who spend a significant amount of time on the road. You will find Coastal issues at local book stores, photography studios, airport boutiques, and online through outlets like Issu. Focusing on the art and letting the photographs speak for themselves is what Coastal is all about. The bold staircase layout and striking use of whitespace and bold typographic choices hones in the viewers focus to the photographs and invites them to experience the scenes for themselves. The nuance between the photographs and the stylistic choices makes this publication feel like a piece of art that will make you want to show it off or keep it around as a coffee table book. The full page spreads of photos and minimal type allows the viewers to become fully immersed in a new world through the photographers eye and will transport them to far off locales.