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Psalteas Bubble Tea Shop

Psalteas comes from combined words, “Psalms” which means “songs” in the bible and “Teas” for having bubble tea as its main product. Both serving hot or cold, with a variety of flavors, it fits all seasons. It is a place to unwind and hangout with friends and family. While it is located in the new commercial area in Legacy, Calgary called Township, it serves people directly living within and near the vicinity. Course: Eco Design Design Software used: -AutoCad -SketchUp Twinmotion

Zentastic Kitchen!

Forseca Residence has its kitchen designed within the National Kitchen and Bath Association Standards. The interior is a reflection of simple forms and humble elements. Zen is a form of simplicity and in favour of sparse, fresh and neat minimalist design but not limited to a few vibrant tones and textures across the room to give it an interesting taste. Course: Residential Design Design Software used: - AutoCad -SketchUp -Twinmotion

Spring Peak Medical

Spring Peak Medical is a Primary Care Unit that has concept of water and its visual characteristics that is beneficial for peoples’ wellbeing. Water has a basic form but gives a wide range of benefit to mankind. That is the focus of the aesthetics of the whole interior. The use of patterns around the walls and floor, comfortable blue tones and natural stone and wood texture softens the look of the entire space. Course: Studio Design Software used: - AutoCad - SketchUp - Twinmotion

Sea & Sky Boutique Hotel

Sea and Sky Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of Granville Island, Vancouver BC, where everyone gets to appreciate the vast amount of sea views that meet the sky. The design is based upon the overall feel of its location. Its semi-industrial tone gives out sense of familiarity and welcomeness towards the guests. Wood and concrete materials envelop the surrounding elements. Some touch of rustic metal-grade look is one of the highlights of its industrial style. Course: Commercial Design Software used: - AutoCad - SketchUp - Twinmotion

Reception Design

The Reception Design is a snippet of an office design showcasing the front portion of the office space which has a light and airy ambiance that welcomes people right as they enter the building. It is designed exclusively using Autodesk 3Ds Max. Course: Architectural Rendering 2