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MoniQueen Honey Branding Campaign

Izzy has been developing a branding campaign for the family honey business, MoniQueen Honey. The branding has a warm, friendly feeling that both adults and children can enjoy.

Paleo Pride Branding Campaign

In the spirit of pride month, Izzy wanted to create a fictional company that revolved around two things that were personally meaningful: pride and dinosaurs. Paleo Pride is a not-for-profit company that creates merchandise that is pride and dinosaur-themed, donating its earnings to funds that help LGBT+ people in need across Canada.

Illustration Segment

Here are some illustrations that could not fit into a single project category. Izzy loves to draw characters with exaggerated expressions.

Lady Patches

Izzy's cat Patches is 13 years old. This piece strayed away from the typical hyper-realistic portrait to immortalize Patches forever, so it's a mix of Art Nouveau with Pop Art to create a colourful and fun piece.

Self Branding

Over the pandemic, Izzy grew a love for flamingos. This new love inspired the branding around this concept and spawned Flamingo Fiend.

Short Animation

Here is an animation done in Dynamic Media II class. Izzy is hoping to use this for their YouTube channel in the future. Music by Joystock - https://www.joystock.org