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a slice of Deco

Renovation for a historical restaurant located in Paris in one of the most famous street Montparnasse . The restaurant named La Couple.It was founded in 1927 during the Roaring Twenties and jazz age , so the concept for mostly about art deco , the luxury ,glamorous, elegant style you can feel it in the space. specially with the music and the dance stage will take you to these Old Gold art deco days

A Slice of Deco

La couple is an adaptive reuse project that demonstrates the benefits of revitalizing an old restaurant that holds a historical significance in one of Paris's vibrant neighborhoods.

Sky Healing

BUILD A FUTURE WITHOUT FIGHTING NATURE. Collection created by transforming plastics recovered from the sea.

Victoria Secret

Design a retail store for a well- known international brand in the market for more than 50 years. The brand produces the best and most beautiful products to suit the needs of the customer. Victoria Secret is unique by its style, striking colors, and its seasonal offers. In this project, I designed a new branch for this brand in one of the best malls in Milan, Italy.


Notre-Dame Cathedral has been impressing visitors since it was constructed between 1163-1345. It is known as one of the first buildings to use a flying buttress, an arch that extends from the exterior wall to a masonry tower. A quintessential feature of Gothic architecture, the flying buttress helps redistribute the weight of the massive walls, which allows large stained glass windows to be installed.