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dare me

This is a concept company logo and product design for dare me wines. The brand is unique in flavour and they wanted to stand out amongst the many wine labels available. They needed a label and logo that would attract their target market visually while speaking to their unique aesthetics and tastes. They also need something that they can expand with as the company grows.


This is a branding project for Belgravia, a concept company and new build condominium in Downtown Vancouver. Belgravia is a luxury apartment building, surrounded by high-end shopping, fine dining, and all the conveniences you need for your high-paced fun-filled life. The branding is meant to be impactful and succinct, after the marketing campaign is complete clients should think of Belgravia when they see green or gold. The colours were selected because there is nothing more luxurious than this colour combination; however, to make it original, specific tints and shades were created. The font is reminiscent of art deco and in that sense should subconsciously remind the client of luxury.


This is a branding concept idea for Urban Bliss Wellness and spa, focuses on self care through indulgence and wellness. The key message for the branding is to communicate visually what the feeling and purpose of the brand is. The focus is on the words Bliss (happiness) and Wellness. The logo mark is meant to be visually impactful through the hands representing wellness and caring, and the three-pointed leaves represent the organic feeling of bliss or happiness. The type mark should give the feeling of comfort and a high-end aesthetic. The colour was selected as it represents nature, and our mind associates this colour with refreshment peace, and rest, all things a spa should evoke.