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Watarimono Diner

Watarimono is a Japanese diner that specializes in the katsu dish a popular dish in Japan that requires the breading and deep frying of a pork cutlet. The diner is a space where different personalities interact for the first time, allowing the space to act as a gateway between the food and customers. Watarimono provides the experience to unwind and detach from daily life giving the ability for the customer to indulge and enjoy life for a moment in time.

LesTerribles Winery

LesTerribles is a wine company that captures the playful attitude we have when we’ve had one too many drinks. The branding revolves around this immature yet sophisticated version of the child we once were through this it pushes and pulls around the idea that the child in us wants to break free and be noticed, it reminds the consumer to accept your playful energy as this child essence still remains within.

Corpus Butcher

Corpus is a butchery that has two fundamentals: Quality and Passion. As a butcher shop we rely on traditional and ethical methods of serving meats. Craftsmanship is within every single cut made accompanied by an extensive knowledge of the best methods for cooking. We see the importance in transparency, that is why we educate our customers on the type of meat they purchase.

Philo Café

Philo Café is a coffee shop with coffee beans sourced from Java, Indonesia. Philo is the term derived from philosophy which is the study of knowledge, reality and existence. The café serves as an extension of philosophy inviting the customers to walk in and feel comfortable automatically through the rustic decor and coffee rind smell. Philo not only wants people to connect with themselves but with their surroundings as well, leaving them inspired to begin their day positively.