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EMERALD A design of a restaurant should have a balance between the maximum seating capacity and a welcoming ambiance. In other words, the designer needs to take full advantage of the space to include enough customers to keep the restaurant busy and make a profit, while at the same time making guests feel comfortable. Generally, diners focus more on seating capacity and fine dining restaurants focus more on ambiance. The Emerald design wishes to combine these two together to create a balance. When you look at the design of Emerald, the focus is on sea food and the layout displays a close resemblance to the environment found in the sea. There is a crab shaped bar area, shrimp-inspired lighting and there are circular floor patterns found on the floor, which echo bubbles found under the water. The Emerald gives you a calm feeling of being around the sea, and the colours and details reflect the luxury of a fine dining restaurant. The waves of the sea are captured by representing wave moulding on the walls. The existing chairs have been repurposed with a layer of fresh paint and mixed and matched thought-out the space to liven up the environment. The materials used in Emerald is mostly marble (bar counter top and floor), carpet and oak timber (flooring).