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Bandcamp Re-brand

The problem bandcamp faces is how they’re not necesarrily connecting musicians with other musicians. With this re-brand, our goal is to bring musicians together by making it possible for them to colloborate with others internationally. By being the bridge that connects one musician to another, two worlds collide and creativity blossoms. Bandcamp plays a significant role in the ‘underground’ and independent music scene, this is why the logo resembles a record player while referencing the underground aesthetic with the distressed, grunge texture. We also wanted to represent the ‘state of flow’ artists find themselves in by incorporating both a wave and the five lines of a music staff into the branding.

Bend branding & app design

Bend is a conceptualized brand and personalized app promoting long term wellness based on the science of neuroplasticity, which is the brains ability to change and make new paths. It implements a daily routine with repetition of mind and body exercises to re-write old habits with new ones, helping users regain health.


Quidditas is a health and wellness store located on commercial drive in vancouver, bc. Currently, they have no branding elements and barely have an actual logo. Since this store embodies the essence of healing and supports natural wellness and spirituality, the re-brand focuses on creating a brand-feeling centered around those core values. This includes highlighting the importance of attending to your mind, body and spirit with natural alternatives. In the logo there’s referents of hidden universal spiritual and religious symbols such as the yin yang, a fish, a bird and a leaf to appeal to a wide variety of beliefs by recognizing the importance of sacred symbols that offer peace, balance and divinity. Since Quidditas carries a wide variety of dried herbs, we’ve included hanging herbs (the process in which you dry them) on the stationary. The target audience will be more inclined to buy products from quidditas if there’s a communal and welcoming feeling, telling a story and creating this type of community through this re-brand will help them generate more traffic in their store while also promoting an important message of holistic health and spreading light.


Micro-me is a conceptual app that helps users track their psilocybin microdoses while taking them on a quest throughout the app to learn more about spirituality, the power of mushrooms and healing. The user collects mushroom points by completing meditations, journaling and learning through various podcasts, articles and videos. With these points they can unlock different features in the app—eventually leveling up to different realms where a new level of assets will be unlocked. The user is encouraged to travel to these different realms the more they meditate, learn, journal & track their micro-doses. At the beginning of the app, there’s an assessment that’s meant to be added to the on-going data driven research of the effects of micro-dosing.

The talking heads lyric book

A re-design for the talking heads lyric book for the album 'speaking in tongues'.