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Home on the Lake

"Home on the Lake" is a stunning two-storey lake-side home designed for a family of four. The home embraces Nordic and Scandinavian elements. A focus on a cozy exterior with warm but bright interior is heavily emphasized. The roots of Scandinavian craftsmanship, neutral materials, and clean lines are the hallmarks of this beautiful home.

Banana Leaf Brunch

Banana Leaf Brunch is vegetarian/vegan morning and afternoon brunch hot spot with a modern yet intimate atmosphere. Serving a wide array of plant-based options using fresh, whole, organic local foods and beverages. The beauty of a tropical oasis combined with an earthy colour palette, natural materials and curved forms used in this fine-dining brunch themed restaurant. The interior uses a palette of natural materials and colours and undulating, textured forms that are intended to reflect the beauty of nearby volcanos and mountains and surrounding countryside you would find scattered all around these tropical islands. As well as the natural landscape, the designers wanted the interiors to reflect the restaurant's healthy cuisine. Different tones of brown, white and green that are used alongside gold accents, which it said add a "little bit of sophistication" to the space. While bright pastels of pinks, greens, and blues add that missing bit of funky and modern flair that will create a fun-loving atmosphere. The restaurant's layout follows the curved lines and circular forms of the booth seating to create a winding pathway through the space. This curved path is further highlighted by the colour of the floor tiles, which change from natural wood to glazed pink, blue, or white in the different seating areas. Uneven surface finishes such as rough stucco, ceramic and terracotta tiles are used to reflect the textures and forms found in nature. The circular tiles on the floors, bars and the undulating tiles on the walls all add to the flashy and fun feel of the restaurant. The overall aspect and colour scheme of the restaurant creates a youthful yet sophisticated interior that will cater to any individuals needs as they step foot inside.

Soul Studios

Soul Studios is a small and quaint health and wellness retail boutique which also features an in house yoga studio

The Erikson House

The Erikson House is a beautiful 2 story home with the perfect scandinavian blueprint. This home has a refined and minimal focus on the interior with practicle yet contemporary aspects.