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Sculpture is an art that speaks for the sculptor. Murt, a Sanskrit word defining sculpture, is a magazine where the artist feels connected. Along with the great art pieces, Murt contains the stories of the artist that can inspire newer art ideologies. The style of the magazine is minimal and simple, so as to enlighten It is true, the modernization of showcasing our ancient artistry, and to keep the expertise flourished in this very dynamically varied art world.

Re-Imagine Dunkin'

Doughnut needs no explanation! The one dessert, with no specific age group, and the best is all available at Dunkin’. This rebrand is designed to engage a younger demographic and appeal to the families. Moreover, it is to bring a sense of belongingness by eliminating the idea of a millennial approach to take out culture, and emphasize an actual “sit-in meal sharing restaurant”. Modern, yet lively design aesthetics are built into the brand with a fun colour palette and minimalist style graphics that would successfully engage the larger group, by expanding the menu and focus beyond dish–doughnuts. Also, because sharing is caring, this logo is designed to cultivate the sharing approach amongst larger groups and to welcome consumers. Thus, Dunkin’ is more than a meal- it is a place to cherish memories and welcome fun!

Pingo Pops

Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated! Pingo Pops has some real serious celebrations! The brand asserts to be one of the best natural fruit flavoured popsicle producers amongst the ice-creamery industry. The idea behind the brand is to support the local community of farmers, especially the LGBTQi+ community by purchasing the raw fruits from them and growing together. The tasty popsicles that lets you help others while eating fruits in one of the most fun ways possible. Identity and the idea of the brand are to emphasize more on fun and natural ingredients which are the two most powerful factors in elevating brand awareness. A simple yet transparent business model is the most promising pillar so far. Moreover, colour schemes used focuses on the fun sharing environment they cultivate. Pingo Pops got millennials covered, with all the fun which filled natural fruity popsicles.


Use the product, and you will feel- Hairtastic! The brand claims to regenerate the personalized touch for male hair care products. This product significantly helps the consumers enhance growth and prevent hair loss, in accordance with the contents and the types they have introduced. The design of the logo and the packaging is vintage yet minimal, which is a modernization of the vintage styling. The colour codes and graphics used are major differentiating factors with respect to the types and contents of the hair care product range. Irrespective of one’s spending power, Hairtastic has got your grooming covered- pocket-friendly, eh! What else does one need from a grooming brand which is not only fantastic but HAIRTASTIC!

Life Portraits

Life Portrait is a picturization of a personality. The ideology behind the styling of this art is to portray the blacks and whites of an individual. Here, the art is designed by considering the highlights and the shadows of the picture, which refers to the positive and the negative side of personality. Illustrations depicting the shadow and light along with the personality traits is a rare yet creative mode of portraying figures. This art is highly dependent on the negative spaces, which fabricates the illustrations into a vocalize a disposition.