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PRIMROSE is a local Vancouver bistro that believes human engagement is essential for healthy living. The company encourages the formation and strengthening of relationships. By providing a space for employees to come and feel part of a family, or by having a place for people to spend time with their inner circle, PRIMROSE is a place that welcomes all individuals to enjoy the food, sip on coffee, and be a part of a close knit community. At this restaurant, PRIMROSE specializes in brunch and offers French inspired cuisine. This bistro will be located on East Broadway 1 in Vancouver, BC. This street offers a lot of exposure to tourists and locals. PRIMROSE wants to offer a great experience for everyone, and will be an inviting place to come dine with friends and family. The vision is to create a space that allows for human interaction with friends, family, and even colleagues. To design a beautiful and versatile place that promotes human connections for all individuals. The usage of colours, materials, live plants, and lighting will promote a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle. By utilizing eco-friendly materials and natural elements, this restaurant can be brought to life through its design. Thus allowing the vision of the space to speak for itself and can truly convey its branding.

L’Hôtel d’Or

This hotel wants to offer unique and genuine experiences through French design. By being located in a neoclassical inspired city, the hotel makes a huge statement by combining classic and modern in one building. L’Hôtel d’Or believes in appreciating the history and origin of the country of France. As guests from around the world tour the city of Montpellier, L’Hôtel d’Or wants to provide their guests with a traditional and authentic space to start and end each eventful day of their visit.

Home Solutions

My client struggles with maintaining a tidy room due to his hectic life. I wanted to create a clean and organized space for him to come home and wind down in. I came up with these simple design solutions to help with the clutter. Initially, the desk wasn't sitting at the perfect height for my client. Instead of swapping desks, or settling for a chair he did not like, I found these amazing furniture legs on Amazon for a low price. By installing shelves, we separate decorative pieces from the study/gaming area. Not only does it make the desk feel less cluttered, but it also helps eliminate distractions that may arise while my client is playing video games or doing homework. My client expressed to me that it's often hard to find clothes and to maintain an organized closet. I decided to add organizational bins on the top shelf to separate types of clothes. I then replaced all of his hangers with white ones to give it a cleaner look. And I went in and colour-coordinated his shirts to make it easier to select an outfit.

Nike Office

I wanted to design a space that promotes a healthy workstyle for all individuals, while still having some fun. This space utilizes eco-friendly materials and is simply brought to life with natural lighting. It’s important to fully convey the client’s brand through interior finishes and furnishings. Thus allowing the vision of the space to speak for itself. Changing the means of an office and expanding beyond cubicles, our vision is to create a space that allows for large gatherings. Not only will this open up the office, but it will promote collaboration and empower employees to work as a team. Through strong sightlines and interesting architecture, the client can feel empowered and confident that work can be done in a beautiful and pleasing office.

Sun Life Financial Reception

This Reception for Sun Life Financial has a very sleek and minimal palette, allowing for a modern enviornment. The building consists of large curtain walls, and receives a lot of sun during the day. With all of this natural daylight, I have incorporated a black quartz as the main material. Overall this gives the space a good balance between bright daylight and the darker elemental features. My client also asked for a feature wall within the Reception Area, to make this new building unique and to stand apart from other Sun Life Financial buildings in Calgary. This allowed for further creativity, resulting in a waterfall wall by the stairs. This was inspired by Calgary’s well known Bow River that flows through our city.