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Portland Winterhawks

The Portland Winterhawks needs a complete rebrand as the franchise is being moved from the WHL up into the NHL league, for the expansion of the North Division. Utilizing the historic elements of hockey in Portland alongside a modern take on the Winterhawks mascot, a cohesive identity was created for the team. New jerseys, tickets, merchandise, and an ad campaign were designed for their upcoming season debut into the NHL. Geographically, the target is towards people living in Portland and North America as a whole. Specifically the North and North West Coast. The rebrand is catered towards the hockey fans in these regions as it will be another franchise to keep an eye out for in the upcoming seasons and towards the Stanley Cup Playoffs


A social media platform concept that revolves around the idea and passion of Yes Theory. Yes Theory has reached out to ideate a platform that all their viewers can use to connect with each other. A communal platform that encourages individuals to seek discomfort and get outside of their comfort zone; OPEN was created. Yes Theory will release this app towards the end of 2021 for all their fans across the globe to create a community of strangers that will one day become friends, and/or family. Open’s target demographic is someone that is willing to experience. Experience new emotions, feelings, conditions, environments, and meeting people. Open is for the passionate and loving. Risk takers are all over the world; Open was developed to group these kinds of people to create a family across the world.

Goryeo Soju

Packaging for a new alcohol brand releasing in Canada. Goryeo Soju is a relatively new competitor in the spirits market. Soju is popular amongst young Asian-Canadian adults, Goryeo soju is trying to capture this market whilst holding true to the roots and history of the alcohol beverage. The focal illustration is a modern take on the war phoenix derived from the Goryeo Royal flag and uses a condensed colour palette; representing a timeless taste. Goryeo Soju’s demographic is young Asian-Canadians that strive to carry their roots. As first and second-generation Canadians, they experience a shared experience of dual identity growing up. They are interested in learning and upholding their culture and customs.

Divagate Magazine

A travel magazine based on the idea of straying away from high-traffic areas in countries; to delve oneself into the natural, historic and cultural beauty that each country has to offer. Divagate is a start-up magazine that’s new to the market. With no creative direction, they are in need of page styling and layout. Using the story of traveling, the components are to mimic a travel journal, scrapbook and map giving adventure to the viewer as they read through the pages. Divagate’s demographic comprises of Millenials that have a passion for discovering themselves and what life has to offer other than a 9 to 5 job. They want to learn, experience, and grow as they breeze through their early 20’s before they start to think about creating a financially stable future for their life in their 40’s.

Custom Decals

Custom decals is your one-stop shop for any automotive customization shop. They are a local Canadian business that offers a variety of professional car stylization services. Since they aren’t known in the Vancouver car community, they need to brand themselves into a new geographic market. They need a refresh on their branding identity as well as a new advertising campaign and website. Although Custom Decals is targeting a new market geographically, Vancouver is not as different compared to Calgary on a typical demographic basis. The car community shares a common interest, rules, and lifestyle that is heavily influenced in the community in Vancouver. These individuals love meeting new people sharing their car builds and projects. They aren’t afraid of being bold.


Clarifai holds one of the best deep learning software on the market. Found in 2013, Clarifai has worked with well-known names across all businesses but is striving to become the top. This updated rebrand will include components to create a cohesive brand and identity to differentiate from other AI companies to captivate more investors and potential clients. This rebrand will be used in the latter half of 2021 to capitalize on the trend of the need for AI software in many industries due to COVID-19. The target for this rebrand is for Business-to-Business clients and investors. Any form of business that is operating an e-commerce website that needs the data-analysis and other AI capabilties. This rebrand is to show off the current and potential advancement of Clarifai’s AI for investors.