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A Game Sanctuary

A Wildlife photography book on animals found in Ranthambore national park. This book contains a collection of willife photographs captured on a visit to Ranthambore national park at Sawai Madhopur located in Rajasthan, India. There are numerous animals found in the national park which makes the park more attractive. The first national park of India now even has many guest animals traveling back and forth to this park.

Hungry Street

The magazine would be an online based magazine which can be accessed by anyone anywhere on in the world. The magazine is based on the street food sold by the street vendors in the city of Ahmedabad located in Gujarat a state in India. The two articles would be based on the famous street food of Ahmedabad from a famous street which include the food like Panipuri and Jalebi.


Found in 2000 by Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart, Threadless is an online apparel and product business formed by a community of consumers and designers from all over the world. It allows consumers as well as the designers to design and buy products ranging from t-shirts to home accessories. The company focuses on a wide range of target market for which they add new variety of products to the market. Danny who loves to designs his own stuff but has love for tech can buy custom design phone cases rather than t-shirts.

Velvet Vinos

Velvet vinos is a imaginary brand for which the whole branding is done. The brand is a winery which sells all types of red, white and rose wine. Being a Canadian brand it uses onlt those grapes grown in Canada to make the wines. The brand targets the type of people who are Canadian who drinks. It also targets the younger generation who are of legal drinking age.