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This ECO House is inspired by the lush green mountains of Napa Valley, California. It was designed to be a vacation house of a young couple. It embodies the Five Passive house principles highlighting SOLAR ORIENTATION and HIGH-PERFORMANCE WINDOWS. It was envisioned to make everyone feel a part of the external environment and so nature being extended towards the inner environment of the eco house, giving it a biophilic atmosphere. To enable this, the design makes use of predominantly passive windows, insulated walls, wood floors, and the colors green and brown, as the dominant hues of its color palette. The house’s structures and pieces of furniture are made from sustainable materials. One main highlight of this ECO house is its living wall in the living area which faces the South Entrance of the main House ensuring it gets the most amount of sunlight throughout the day.

Saje Natural Wellness Store

This theoretical project is based on the Saje Natural Wellness brand that is known for its organic ingredients meant for people’s well-being. This concept of making life healthier was the main inspiration for this design. The biggest challenge here was to work with a significantly small space, and to make the most of every corner by using effective space planning. Natural materials such as wood and marble were chosen to resemble the outdoors. A living wall by the point of sales was also added to bring in a flavor of nature. The color palette was used specifically to have a feel of calmness and relaxation throughout the space.


Located by 471 East Broadway, Vancouver where an array of multi-cultural restaurants lies, “SINAG” is an east meets west fusion restaurant between Filipino and Spanish food. This restaurant’s goal is to showcase the unique relationship between the two nations for 333 years. Inspired by “Rays of the Sun”, SINAG’s design brings the warmth of the tropical atmosphere through the wood material and the color red. Right in the middle of the dining area, you will find the focal point of this project – a round-shaped bar with a sun chandelier that catches the guests’ attention. SINAG’s organic and natural elements such as the sun and life-size sculptures of a bull and a matador make visitors experience the two culture’s passion.


Right by Alberni and Thurlow streets in Downtown Vancouver, you will find a store proposition for the Christian Dior brand. It was inspired by his collection of Flowers and Gardens, which was one of the designer’s passions. The intent of the design is to showcase organic, classic, elegant and feminine design by bringing in nature into the atmosphere of the store. The façade features a mosaic tile floral wall that welcomes clients with its natural beauty and warmth. As you enter the store, you will be led to the interior’s focal point with a center huge monitor in between two green walls. The monitor is meant to showcase the latest fashion collection. Each section of the store will have its own customized wood flooring, murano-inspired chandelier and floral fabrics. This Dior boutique yearns to delight its guests with the use of a mix of vintage and contemporary furnishings.


On Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York, you will find this contemporary penthouse. Its design is focused on minimalism and bringing the outside environment into the interior space. With the simple yet elegant style of the unit, one will experience “Zen meets Modern” and find comfort in the middle of the city. Each corner of the unit was carefully utilized with efficient space planning with an open-space concept. This unit is envisioned for a couple who wants to entertain visitors regularly as the common areas are quite spacious and an office can convert into a guest room. It also has access to the state-of-the-art curated amenities, a 360-degree view of the city from its pool deck, and a penthouse garden with a year-round flora display. Truly, one will appreciate this nature-loving haven right at the heart of New York City.