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This design Gymshark concept store embodies the idea of strength, while mirroring the impression given off from gym spaces. Through the use of geometric and architectural shapes, paired with hard materials and large scaled pieces throughout, the company’s strength and the strength of all those who wear this brands clothes breaks through. The monochrome colour scheme and use of line helps relate back to gym spaces bringing a sense of familiarity to those coming in.


Quality of life and nourishment is the main focus of this café through their food, and it is shown through the design by using a sense of liveliness and through material and pattern choices. Long repetitive lines are used to help draw one’s eyes through the space allowing them to fully experience the natural colours and textures of the space. Their eyes may be drawn to the playful materials that help create a playful environment or possibly the use of flooring that create appealing patterns. Through the scale of furniture, occupants are welcome to more private or public seating styles, depending on their needs.


This penthouse achieves a sense of sophistication and elegance through its use of colour and line while still having a playful and feminine flair through pops of light colour, texture and pattern achieved through the selection of materials. Space is a luxury so by being cautious of the scale of furniture and proportion between rooms, there is an added sense of space in more social areas and a feeling of intimacy in more private spaces.