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Mink Chocolates

Design Problem: Mink Chocolates crafts supremely decadent, ultra luxurious chocolate bars and bonbons. They’ve dedicated their entire existence to creating sustainable, traceable and perfectly formulated small batch artisan chocolate bars and bonbons. Mink Chocolates are luxury and on the expensive side of chocolates, and current branding of Mink does not communicate this to its target audience and lack visual appeal. The reason for this re-branding is to refocus their branding with their target audience and have a consistent message and direction with their advertising Design Solution: Mink Chocolates’ reason for re-branding is to refocus their messaging to connect with the target audience and communicate the brand properly. This was done by redesigning the logo to have a more sophisticated and modern look, designing a consistent branding, visual identity, stationery, advertising, web and mobile design and choosing brand colours that appeal to the target audience. The use of pastel colours symbolizes modernity and femininity. Mink Chocolates prides itself in giving back to its’ community. One of the advertising campaign directions is to highlight the Mink Cares program, as this is a very important part of the brand.

Kahiki Rum

The first ever distilled rum was made in the 17th century. Rum is a distilled alcoholic drink made by fermenting then distilling sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice, combined with the fruit pineapple. It has a very fragrant, refreshing pineapple taste profile with a slight notes of molasses. In the Hawaiian language, pineapple translates to Hala Kahiki. Playing on the tropical and pineapple, we’ve got Kahiki Pineapple Rum. Enjoy Kahiki Rum on a hot summer day while hanging out with friends and family.


Derived from the Mayan word ZÁMA which means city of dawn or new beginning. ZÁMA is a Mexican Publication focusing on exposing the beauty of Mexico. Each volume features Mexico’s hidden gem, not only to boost tourism but to educate and inform people around the world about the hidden beauty of Mexico. This issue focuses on the Mayan Ruins of Tulum and the beautiful Cenotés. ZÁMA is published globally and online.