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Studio - Untitled

Untitled is a conceptual upscale restaurant proposed for Downtown Calgary. The concept was formulated based on the contrast between street food and high-end cuisine.

The restaurant's mission is to offer impeccable service, quality, and experiences to guests while trying to diffuse the differentiations between the two opposing culinary arts. It creates a seamless blend which will hopefully immerse guests with emotions of nostalgia and wanderlust.

The restaurant’s name “Untitled” was selected in conjunction with the brand’s ever-changing international influence. Each week, chefs will curate a new menu of artisanal cocktails and culinary delights based on different regions across the globe. Naming the restaurant "Untitled" offers unrestricted creative freedom to the skilled chefs in their ever-changing identities.

This project gives great attention to detail during the design of the project to immerse guests with a sense of comfort and authenticity, not only through the menu, but through the space itself. It also pays homage to the cityscapes in which the food is inspired by. This will be accomplished through the use of materials such as brick, metal, concrete, and raw woods.

Additionally, throughout the space there will be elements that tastefully honour the traditional aesthetics of street food vending stalls in a modern and innovative way. The blend of these unconventional concepts inside the space will create an experience that fully immerses all of the guests' senses.