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PRSNT Magazine

Black and white photography has a defining quality that colour just does not compare to. As a conceptual magazine, PRSNT, is designed to be a platform for black and white photography and filmography alike. PRSNT strives to bring the world of black and white to modern era of magazines by showcasing the talent of emerging, local artists.

Global Warming UN Doc

Global warming is a defining problem for the whole world that must be solved together. This publication is a redesign for a recent United Nations report on climate change from 2018.


The Blinking Cursor problem is where one stares at a blinking cursor unable to figure out what to type. On top of this, friends can be stressful when planning a hangout. Function. solves this problem by doing the thinking for you! It operates as an app designed to pick a time and date, and spot to hangout. Simply sync your schedule, set your friend group and let the app do the rest! Function. strives to take the stress away, leaving more time for friends and family. Simple and bold, Function. is crafted to the users taste with a neon colour palette worthy of the users personality.

1326 Brewing Co.

Brewed entirely Vancouver from start to finish, 1326 Brewing Co. is a brewery that strives to deliver craft beer to delight the senses during each season of the year. Promoting to a younger crowd, the brand aesthetics can be adopted to the changing seasons and flavours to suit the targeted demographic of choice. The design focuses on typography and colour to pair with each flavour. With a companion app to complete the full experience, users are prompted to engage in discourse with the company and its evolving characteristics that will appeal to all genders.

Extra Air

Air travel can be expensive, tiring, and all-round cumbersome at times. Extra Air is a conceptual airline for the people that provides a truly positive flying experience. Affordability meets comfort and ease of use. The logomark is designed to emanate the tail of a plane. With colour separating the different company sectors for air travel, knowing where you need to go is a breeze. Users are able to user the companion app to seamlessly book flights, check on a flight's status, and view the boarding pass; all in a simple-to-use interface. Designed for both the frequent and infrequent flyer.


Fish n’ chips is a classic British cuisine loved by Britons. C-Lovers was opened in Vancouver by a British family, the Clovers, in 1984. This rebrand is designed to engage a younger demographic and appeal to the younger (aka that millennial generation). Modern, contemporary design aesthetics are built into the brand with a simple colour palette and minimalist style graphics and illustrations. The experience gets extended to the mobile realm with a companion app that allows the customer to order and customize their preferences. Delivery is free and 100% electric! The companion app also engages the customers in a dialogue that will help move the company in the right direction.

The Quid

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, The Quid is an historic British cultural building repurposed for residential housing. Designed for the young professional lifestyle, the contemporary typography and layout pair well with the chosen colour palette; designed to create a sense of warmth and comfort. Duotone and black and white photography illustrates the unique lifestyle that The Quid has to offer its residents. Conceptually designed for opening in the summer of 2019.