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Property Locators

From single homes to family homes typically have a lot of personal treasures and not enough space. That’s where Property Locators shines by creating strong working relationships with exceptional service providers that will help you get the job done. Tell them your wants and needs, they’re there to listen and help solve them with a personalized and quality experience. The real estate market is highly competitive and is an ever-growing market throughout the lower mainland. Property Locators unfortunately was not yet established thus not having a website or any media presence. By developing a cohesive branding package that ties with Property Locator’s key message: “Every great journey always brings you a home or service that will move you.” By creating a web presence for buyers and sellers and expanding on social media, will spread brand awareness and give customers knowledgeable and trustworthy service.


Serendipitys is one of Steveston Village’s unique businesses and the only metaphysical shop in Richmond, BC, and has been a part of the community since 1995. Their mission is to make everyone feel welcome at Serendipity’s and creating a community for spiritual beings to laugh, heal, and connect. From their wide and unique selection of treasures and specialized services, which in today’s terms is “essential”. The shop is a safe space to explore different perspectives of the universe, ask questions, play with energies, and chill out. “Our ultimate goal is to make sure you leave with peace in your heart along with some of the magic that the store holds.” By not having full online access to information on services and booking abilities and missing an e-commerce section for products to expand to reach out to the target audience and a wider target market. During the covid pandemic, this has and will continue to reduce in-person traffic numbers. The rebranding is fresh, fun, and friendly to attract a wider target market. By focusing and building a strong and active online presence will expand and continue to grow to help people gain clarity, inspiration, and provide the tools to help navigate forward on your spiritual path to everyone. This will give customers and clients quick and easy access to products and services not only through in-store shopping but online as well.

Queen's Quay

The Queen’s Quay offers world-class luxury and elegance that is unrivaled in the housing market of Vancouver. Every inch of the building has been designed with the high-class lifestyle in mind. Nothing but the best has been spared to bring grandeur to life for their residents. The growing residential market in Vancouver has created a huge demand for listings. Luxury housing markets, despite the pandemic, have continued to see demand. To meet this growth 626 W Pender Street (The London Building) will be converted into residential units incorporated with ground-floor retail and restaurant opportunities. To match the renewal of the space, The London Building needs to be rebranded and marketed in a luxurious style to match these intentions. The current building is set up as a post-secondary space. Vancouver is known for its luxurious lifestyle, high-end living is one of the most sought-after luxury real estate markets in the world, and has some of the most expensive properties on earth. The rebrand of the London building will transform the current location into a space deserving of royalty. From preserving the Neoclassical elements on the exterior and lobby, to bringing in new elements and spaces like the rooftop pool and patio space, a fully equipped gym, and restaurant and retail space, to every inch of the units, this space will exude the luxurious lifestyle this rebrand will encompass.

The Keg

The Keg is uniquely positioned towards the higher end of the casual dining restaurant segment, focusing on customers looking for a high-quality steak and prime rib at an affordable price. Great steaks, a casual atmosphere, and friendly, very knowledgeable service have become trademarks of the Keg since the first Keg restaurant opened in 1971, and now over 100 locations coast to coast. The key to operating a successful restaurant business is to have the right location, reasonable rent, and have high volumes, but because of covid, restaurant sales are expected to decline by $225 billion over the next while, leading to the loss of between five and seven million jobs. To push passed through these difficult times and still increase brand recognition and revenue, rebranding is the perfect way to expand the target audience to attract a younger generation but also not drive away existing loyal Keggers. Because of COVID-19, many people are not able to or who take every precaution. By promoting the Keg’s takeout menu, increasing availability of Celebration Kits to all locations and expanding to delivery services like Skip the Dishes or Door Dash will benefit the wants and needs of new and loyal customers safely and healthily.


GingerSNAP is a genderfluid, hetero drag queen performing in the Vancouver area, focusing on clubs and bars along Davie Street. She is passionate about charity work and has dedicated her drag career to being a voice for Genderqueer, Transgender, and other Gender Diverse Folx. She has raised money for Saige Community Food Bank, has begun doing children’s book readings with various schools throughout the Lower Mainland, and really enjoys working with children and being a representative for them. Ginger is super excited about representing the LGBTQ+ community, wants people to wake up feeling wonderful about themselves and work toward feeling more wonderful about themselves by the end of the day. The state of drag has never been more vibrant and cutting-edge. Yet drag’s power also lies in the fact that anyone can do it, there are no limits or rules to what drag can or should be, it is an art form of self-expression, with delightful and absurd extravagance, The drag community is large and highly competitive, so standing out from the rest of their drag sisters is a tough job. With branding, not only will it envision professionalism but a fabulous way to spread the love, showcase the beautiful and witty, GingerSNAP’s charisma, and bring people together to help the community. The design is photography focused to represent her elegance and grace but with a SNAP. “Remember, Ginger Loves Ya!”

Ego Hair Salon

As a locally-owned, family-operated business, Ego values all of its clients, the businesses, and the communities that support them. Ego is one of the most trusted Hair Salons in Richmond and over 25 years, they were recognized by the community and were nominated by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce for a Business Excellence award. They offer a fun and comfortable environment for their guests and strive to provide the best salon experience for all our new and existing clients with the promise to provide their clients with distinguishable quality in modern haircare. The Hair and Nail Salon industry in Canada has exhibited marginal growth over the five years to 2020, though it has grown steadily in nearly every year of the reporting period. The industry, which relies on the discretionary purchases of services such as haircuts, hair tinting, hairstyling, manicures, and pedicures, has overall benefited from rising consumer spending, which has increased an annualized 1.4% over the past five years. Price premium services, such as keratin treatments and gel manicures, have grown more popular in recent years. As a result, industry revenue is estimated to rise an annualized 0.5% to $4.2 billion over the five years to 2020. This, however, includes an anticipated drop of 11.8% in 2020 alone due to the COVID-19. To reduce and prepare for the future effects of COVID-19, a rebranding design will expand brand recognition, increase cliental, boosting revenue, and prepare for the difficult times ahead. By incorporating a more gender-neutral and modern design will still be recognized by their loyal customers and attract new clients from the large and ever-growing, LGBTQ+ community which shares the same appreciation and passion for one’s self-esteem, self-importance, diversity, and individuality. The LGBTQ+ community is diverse and it's not exclusively to people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, they have a wide range of supporters worldwide.