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Pixar Cabin Scene

Pixar Renderman challenge that was my final for Lighting and Texturing. Lighting and Texturing done by Chris Neville Modeling done by Taylor Schulze and Alyssa Minko

Chris Neville Nostalgia Demo Reel

My Final graduating project at VCAD Calgary, Showcasing a nostalgic bedroom scene from my childhood with a focus on lighting, texturing and shading. Concept and design by myself.

Cursed King Sculpt

A 360 Turnaround of a King sculpt I did for Character Modeling IV, I sculpted and posed this character within Zbrush. This concept was part of my own design and was going to be a part of creepy castle scene, but never ended up putting the two halves together.

Time Egg

A project inspired from my favorite video game from my childhood, Chrono Trigger. It is a moment trapped in time and would really like to go back and complete this project soon!