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Celine Forbes's portfolio

This is a review of curated student projects by Celine.

Celine Forbes's portfolio

This is a review of curated student projects by Celine.


Wildeye® is a California based company specializing in water monitoring. They design, manufacture, and sell solutions for an array of agricultural and environmental applications. Initially created in 2014 as an irrigation monitoring company, Wildeye has since evolved in response to market opportunities. The current identity does not reflect this evolution. As as a new entity, Wildeye usa focused on growth through sales, staff expansion, hardware, and software development. Until now, there has been minimal effort paid to the branding. As a result, their market offering is technically exceptional but lack of brand recognition is holding back their capacity for expansion and market penetration.


Wendel's is a family owned café based in Fort Langley. First established in 1997, they have expanded their range to include gluten free items which are now distributed across Canada. They use high quality organic ingredients and take great care and attention in each item. Their market offering is stellar but their branding application was inconsistent. The purpose of this redesign is to provide a unified identity that reflects their background and that will resonate with their target audiences.


The London Building is a Neoclassic commercial building in Downtown Vancouver that was to be redeveloped into residential condos. Creating a marketing strategy for these units to be sold off-plans involved taking into consideration the heated Vancouver real estate market. A narrative was developed to navigate away from the condos’ limitations—lack of carparking space, the bijou size of the units, and lack of amenities in downtown Vancouver.


Edible seaweed is often touted as a superfood, a healthy snack packed with nutrients. However seaweed sold in retail stores is the poster child for excessive packaging. A typical pack of nori sheets is made up of 20g of plastic packaging for 7g of seaweed. The purpose of this project is to investigate plastic-free, sustainable options that require minimal printing inks.


Adonia is a tearoom located in Kerrisdale, Vancouver. Open since 2003, they never advertised until the pandemic. Consecutive lockdowns and rising commercial rents have shaken small business’s financial viability. Adonia had to raise their prices to stay afloat. Competitors have raised prices too, but as they do so they are reaching the high end of what customers are prepared to pay, leaving them vulnerable to cheaper alternatives. The purpose of this rebrand is to unify branding and generate additional revenue streams.