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Eakta House

My concept for this family residence was Unity. The home is located in Shimla, India. The purpose for this design was to show how a traditional style home can make such a statement in this day and age. Incorporating natural material such as wood it gives the home sense of warmth. The home also has materials such as travertine which I have used at the entrance for a feature wall. Porcelain tile has been used for throughout the entrance and into the living room. The kitchen is very traditional with art decor style tile used for backslash, while the marble counter top makes it appealing and gives it a luxurious feel. The space is created for a single family dwelling. With floor to ceiling windows you are sure to get maximum sunlight throughout daytime, and unobstructed views from the mountain that the house resides on.

Inside Out

Matchbox is both a metaphorical and literal concept on which the model of the tiny house was developed. The term matchbox housing commonly refers to small inexpensive housing often with other similar houses on a social housing scheme.The Matchbox house is a 500-square foot, fully off-grid and self-sustaining house. The dwelling combines a mix of modern design and sustainability techniques such as rain catchment, grey water management, and a solar array. A matchbox is a simple entity tasked to hold and maintain a great deal of energy, fire. Fire was the original source of energy and means to heat a home. The tiny home is reminiscent of the function of as matchbox as it promotes going back to basics, to use cleaner and a more organic means of design, development and living. Like a matchbox the tiny home is small and affordable but not limited to the amount of energy that can be created. The exterior of the space is a cedar reminiscent of the wood used to create a match and the floor plan exemplifies a balance of positive and negative space. When one thinks of a match in modern society they are often grounded back to their roots, they think of camping or cooking over a flame. The home was designed to exude the very basic core of a man’s living spirit, his passion for adventure.