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This was a personal and fun project to work on. Viking-inspired photoshoot with my beautiful mother, with the help of my Lil brother. It conveys both the intense fierceness and nurturing nature of mothers who descend from that heritage.

Skoolie website and magazine cover

As a lover of travelling and home conversions in the tiny home movement, these projects are inspired by the Skoolie home conversion.

Werewolves of Millers Hollow card game

This project was a cover remake of the original game, Werewolves of Millers Hollow.

The Crow Poster

This is a poster remake for the movie "The Crow"

Oolong Tea Box Ad

This is an Oolong Tea box packaging Ad catered towards the anime/manga and cosplay world.

Personal Portrait

This portrait was made and commissioned for my cousin by a dear friend. It conveys her love of witchcraft, nature and her precious cat companion!

Tattoo Illustrations

These are some of the work I've done throughout the year for conceptualized tattoo illustrations