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The client for this office was a corporate law firm. They wanted a design that was going to be timeless while still maintaining a powerful feeling. I chose to use deep toned woods, black leather, and stainless steel to maintain a masculine feeling throughout. Glazing and high end fixtures make this space impressive to clients.


This Adidas retail location is on Robson Street in Downtown Vancouver. Adidas is a sporting brand that is derived from supporting athletes, particularly soccer players. The concept for this store was to deconstruct the soccer ball, and combine its elements with line as to incorporate the infamous Adidas stripes. The monochromatic design allows the merchandise to be the focus.


Helm House was made for a busy family of four. Located in the Strathcona Vancouver area, this home is a small craftsman style residence. With their kids in university, Jose and Joni finally decided to renovate their family home. The concept for this design was to create tranquil spaces in order to form an escape for the homeowners from their hectic everyday life. Using wood, natural stones, and a neutral color palette, we were able to produce a relaxing ambiance. Plenty of storage and meticulous space planning implement a functional and beautiful end result.


Evans Anderson Clarke is a corporate law firm located on Wall Street in New York. The world of corporate law lies in dominance, with its definition being “the state or fact of being in control of, or having more power than another”. This design was made to convey the feeling of authority and control. Marble, wood and dark tones command attention