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Saint Laurent

A luxury retail project that has been designed to evoke feelings of importance and elegance. The goal was to keep the same feelings of elegance and luxury that Saint Laurent always creates with its contrast marble interiors, but to warm it up and add texture and layers to the space. The concept for the project was “Smokey” this allowed me to warm the space up by moving the colors into a more neutral and less contrasting palette. A symmetrical design leads the customer in for an experience that will be both seen and felt as they move through the space.


A moody steakhouse restaurant project designed to emit a cozy sophisticated atmosphere. The concept for this restaurant was to create a space that replicated the feeling of the sunrise on the nearby beaches. The goal was to bring “Dawn” into the space allowing intimate diners to share the feelings of warmth provided by the first rays of sunshine in the morning.

Slim House

A conceptual eco friendly home that is designed to bring the outdoors inside while maintain order within. This project was inspired by the clusters of tightly spaced thin residential buildings that can be found in Asian cities with dense populations. The goal was to take one of these properties and bring some life into it. the concept is “separated, yet connected” this statement allowed the different zones of indoor, outdoor separation throughout all three floors of the house to come together.


A furniture design studio looking to bring a refreshing feeling to its employees. The goal with this project was to create a space that anyone would be exited to work in. The concept for this project is “Spring” and the feeling of the world coming out of hibernation and being motivated by the sun.