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Sir is a classic cocktail line geared toward men ages 24 to 35. The identity of the brand is inspired by the 1920s and the gentlemen from that era. The skyline illustrations seen on the boxes are inspired by those of the origin from where each drink emerged. Sir is determined to stand out against all other ready-to-drink competitors with its niche target market.


Antheia is a restaurant and lounge located in Yaletown, Vancouver, which features an exquisite outdoor terrace and garden. The name is inspired by the greek Goddess Antheia, goddess of the garden and flowers. The typeface and colour pallette are inspired by the paved courtyards of the Greek hellinistic gardens. The illustrated flower represents Antheia and the line work of an illusionary continuous line was inspired by the Greek Meander. Antheia is where middle- to upper-class millenials go to enjoy exceptional food, drinks, and atmosphere.

Mare Exfoliants

The word "mare" translates to sea in Italian, which reflects the brand's primary ingredient in their products. The letters that make up Mare have been altered to represent shallow to depth contrast of the sea. The logo mark is a refined marriage of the alchemical symbols water and salt, inspired by the product's primary ingredient, sea salt. The colour palette and illustations have been inspired by the Medditeranean Sea from its creatures to grains of sand. The product is purchased by millennials who are health conscious and care about minimal, quality ingredients used on their skin.

Kissa Tanto

The following ad series is for Vancouver’s fusion restaurant Kissa Tanto. Each illustrative ad features an item from the menu and invites the audience to dine in and stay a while, as the company slogan reads. The typeface and colour pallete was inspired to fit the aesthetic of the current branding the restaurant has. The advertisements are located at the Burrard, Granville and Watrfront skytrain stations, targeting the audience of middle aged business workers.

Coquitlam Tarot

Coquitlam Tarot is an small business located in Port Coquitlam. The typeface pays homage to the romantic and artistic Italian and French roots of the Tarot Card from the 14th century. The logo mark is inspired by the most prominent card in tarot deck, the Sun. The logo mark is a sun because this is a prominent card in the Tarot deck. The colour pallette is inspired by the gold and purple that represented royalty during that time period.

For the Summer Love campaign there are a series of digital, print and outdoor advertisements. Each ad is based on services offered by the company and was designed in a poetic and free flowing manner to represet the campaign and the centrepiece of its spiritual symbolism, water.


The following advertisements are for the Broadway production of Pinocchio and Aladdin. Both illustrations are inspired by the origin of where each tale originated from. The advertisements are seen outdoors in parks and above ground from subway stations through out New York City to capture the eye of street passers.