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Haddington Heights

The London Building is being re-purposed into an apartment complex to meet Vancouver’s housing needs. The city is ever changing and growing, similar to the world around us. In those cases, we need to adapt to fit what’s needed from us at that very moment. To meet the needs of this new purpose and mark the start of a new beginning, the first step is to create an identity and brand to catch the eyes of potential buyers, advertising what this new home has to offer.

Crunchyroll Rebranding and Brand Refresh

This is a rebranding of Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll has slowly become a global brand and has become more of a popular choice when it comes to anime streaming sites. The idea is to solidify and clean up their visual identity and tone of the brand, to which the two ideas can fit well together. Crunchyroll is for avid fans of anime that want high-quality streaming of their favourite shows, as well as those that are up and coming.

Twenty One Pilots Custom Designs

These are custom illustrations for the band Twenty One Pilots. The intention is to create new packaging for Twenty One Pilots’ most recent album release “Trench” as well as bringing elements of that album artwork to merchandise and stage backdrops. The band derives their visuals from the aesthetic of each album. For example. their previous album Blurryface had a theme of red, white, and black. To respect that choice the motifs of yellow, white, and dark army green, as well as the symbol of a vulture and flower were carried into the designs of this project.

Tatouage Wine

Tatouage is a fictional wine brand made to be an eye-catching and affordable go-to choice specifically for young adults looking to treat themselves after a long day. Tatouage uses its colour as well as packaging to be easily recognizable. The rose that appears is to symbolize the brand starting out with a rose, therefore paying homage to its roots. The clean, vector petals are to appeal to the rise of minimal aesthetics as well as communicate that wine can and should be simple. This is for individuals looking for wine without the hassle.

Custom Tarot Deck

This is a custom tarot card set with art inspired by anime as a whole with the original starting point being older, classic anime such as Cowboy Bebop and Sailor Moon. Interest in tarot has grown as of late and so has the concept of creating personalized sets to match individual interests and styles. The concept and idea of tarot is already a prevalent theme in anime so in a way, this will be an homage to said shows. The artwork used in tarot decks are usually very traditional and have an older look to them, which does make sense as the use of tarot cards has a long history. While tarot has not changed much, the individuals that practice the art have. The purpose of the deck is to appeal to the newer generation of tarot card users and collectors, broadening the spectrum of available cards.