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Venezuelan BBQ & Grill

The following project was originally conceptualized by Ana Soler designs with the goal of achieving the needs and expectations of the client.

The project is not a new build, as the owner took over an old building to convert it into a restaurant. With many shopping centres, malls, salons, and parks in the area, the challenge was making this old building appealing to the public, while still being interesting and customer focused.

It is a space that anyone who happens to be in the area will have to enter so they can see the restaurant and its beautiful architecture, and of course try its delicious food

Airbnb Home Design

The house is newly renovated by Ana Soler Designs. The exterior design has an amazing deck with a high fence to give privacy.The basement is emptied but not open for clients now. There is a plan to open the basement for a big family in the future. The entire main floor has an amazing deck with a hot tub. The kitchen and the bedroom are brand new and the home has lot of street parking lot.

Bellagio VIP Hotel

The Bellagio Hotel project was a renovation of a small existing hotel in the city. The owners wanted to make this old, almost abandoned, hotel into a edgy, modern, and unique place were people from all around the worls could stay and enjoy. The goal was not only to attract tourists, but to make locals want to spend a staycation in town, and choose bellagio hotel for it. The renovation not only achieved what the owner was looking for, it was everything he wanted and more.