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Blue Agave

This concept is based off the El Jimador tequila bottle, incorporating the colours of the bottle, pale blue, white and black as well as pulling in elements of nature, the sky, water, and ice. Blue Agave with be serving all their drinks on the rocks with Mexican inspired appetizers. Light fixtures resembling the agave plant will be used to tie together the bottle and ice concept, alongside comfortable and elegant pale blue velvet chairs and white leather bar stools. Blue Agave Cocktail Bar will have a dainty, but fancy, elegant feeling. From marble table tops to patterned tiles, this cocktail bar will have it all.

Tiny Home

- The design concept was inspired by all things outside that are beautiful like the sun, mountains, sand, rocks, flowers and the rising and setting of the sun. The idea originally sprouted from Sunflowers. This is how I chose to use the colours I did. Inspired by the idea of bringing the outdoors inside. The massive twenty four linear feet of windows that will capture all parts of the day and all parts of inspiration that was put into the design process. The yellow symbolizes half of these for example the sun, sand, flowers and sun rise. And the grey chosen symbolizes the mountains, rocks, and setting of the sun. The flooring throughout the main living spaces of the home has a very natural look that really ties in with the ample amounts of forestry surrounding the thousands of square feet surrounding the tiny one. The colours will positively impact the mind and feelings that will come as time is spend in the lovely tiny environment. The design of this home will be created with all environmentally friendly products, and design elements. From the bare bones to the finishes chosen for this project all will be accounted for to create a space that boosts beauty and health. The overall feel of the space will be cozy, quirky with a spin of modern. The space was designed to include as much additional storage space as possible also to keep the space feeling as open and airy as possible. With half of the perimeter being operable bi-fold full glass sliding doors to keep the space feeling much bigger than it would seem. As well as a deck that is wrapped around fifty percent of the space.