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Pine view House

The design intent for the residential house was to focus on decluttering and giving the client a sense of relaxation after leaving a stressfull day at work. The idea behind the design was to remove bulky elements and subtract elements which are unnecessary. The house is decorated with a Scandinavian style which emphasizes simplicity and minimalism. The idea behind space planning was to be an open concept space with floor to ceiling windows allowing natural light to come in. The space is planned for mid-aged couple with a large master bedroom and en-suite to give it a luxurious feel. The idea of using natural light and neutral shades was to “brighten up” the space, invite the client in and emphasizes a clean space. The new materials used gives the space a sense of calmness and a serene feel to the space and the wooden elements used in flooring and fixtures represents Scandinavian style.

Farm to table restaurant

Farm-To-Table is a restaurant located in Vancouver B.C. The concept for this restaurant is inspired by the philosophy of Farm-To-Table, which means produce which is grown in the farm will directly come to the restaurant and it is going to be fresh and healthy. Also, the main intent of the design behind this restaurant is agriculture field. It is linear shape and how it is formed. There is a positive negative space in between and the lovely combination of natural colors and elements enhance the space. I added all these elements into my design so that it will feature more and will give the design a natural look and feel, which I think is good for the customers. The selling feature for the restaurant is that the customer’s knows what to expect and that they will be served fresh produce, as well as they can get a clean and fresh experienced dining in such an inspirational space.