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AnimeWest - Personal Brand

AnimeWest is an Anime Brand I created which started off as a Clothing brand which I expanded and eventually made it a publication brand as well. The idea is inspired from my love for my favorite Anime, "Naruto" where I eventually took it a step further to create a book magazine which talks about Anime and what you need to know, basically introducing the product to the Western culture.

A-Games - Gaming Brand

A-Games is a gaming brand I created in which the main goal is to introduce High Quality gaming products to cross platform gamers who want to take their gaming experiences to the next level. The logo I created for this project is unique as I merged a console controller with a computer mice hovering on top which forms a letter "A" that brings a literal meaning to the brand as it's called "A-Games"... I was proud of the work that I also took it a step further and decided that I would also make it an E-Sports team where games are played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers.

Chopstix Restaurant - Rebranding Design

Chopstix is Filipino Restaurant where only two exists in the whole Canada, with one located in South West Calgary and the other in the South East of Calgary. I chose to work and revamp this restaurant because in my opinion, it's a place that doesn't really meet the standard of what customers are looking for. One of the main changes I did was re-designing the logo which originally had a fork and spoon crossed together. Instead of that idea, I simplified it by creating two vector Chopsticks and crossed it together so that it would have a literal meaning to the restaurant's name which makes the logo look more modernistic and appealing to the eye.