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Osaka-shi Sushi Restaurant

OSAKA-SHI sushi restaurant design concept is based on the traditional japanese cho-chin lantern. The cho-chin lantern was created with wax paper and bamboo coiled into a sphereical shapes and designed with floral, intricate patterns. Taking inspiration from this traditional lantern, large windows, feature ornamental and intricate wall partitions, and light wood finishes come together to create an open, calm space while you enjoy views of English Bay and freshly prepared japanese cuisine.

NIKE Retail Store

NIKE has always been one of the most popular and well known creators of shoe wear and athletic gear. Created by Phil Knight and founded in 1975, NIKE has always been grounded in athleticism and the knowledge that our bodies are capable of more than we believe. Being an athlete growing up, I envisioned the design concept for the NIKE retail store to be based on human anatomy. The feature shoe case placed in the center of the store represents the heart of NIKE, the first product that Phil Knight had designed. The location set in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York pays homage to one of the most famous athletes to collaborate with NIKE and the sport that he loved, Michael Jordan & basketball.

ECO Office Design

This biophilic office design concept focuses on integrating nature with everyday work life. Features like the custom designed living work bank and the main meeting room, are based on the ecosystem. The connectivity between the environment, the organisms within our environment and the natural foundation of what our environment can provide all work together to create the world we live in, much like the individuals within a company office setting. Working with natural elements on a daily basis can help to emphasize and promote a happier, healthier well being.